Born and raised in a harsh world, a free-spirited girl, known by the unique name of Yvalanore, has trained her mind and body during the years, fighting her way through hostile places and bullying without any fear. Now, she certainly doesn’t hold back when it’s time to break some bones.

Yvalanore HD for Genesis 8.1 Female is a hand-sculpted and painted female character with a toned body designed for Genesis 8.1 Female. The character comes with 4 levels of HD details, separate head and body morphs, 3D Eyebrows (for Yvalanore and Genesis 8.1 in general), 5 eye colors, 3 overlay maps for her face makeup (3 face maps for the 3Delight shader), and lots of auto-corrective morphs that allow you to enhance her body shapes during her movements.

Yvalanore HD for Genesis 8.1 Female can be your tough-girl character in all your amazing artworks, animations and games, ranging between all the fiction genres you want, or you can just use her balanced fitness shape to add some tone to your characters body. Get Yvalanore HD for Genesis 8.1 Female and add her tenacity to your stories today!


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