dForce is a physics simulation engine that is included with Daz Studio 4.10.0.x. Over time the dForce engine will continue to evolve and become capable of even more, but the first thing we are introducing with this new engine is the simulation of cloth.

With a 4.10.0.x or newer build of Daz Studio you have access to a new pane labeled “Simulation Settings.” This pane is intended to be the centralized location within the User Interface (UI) for accessing the global settings on the active simulation engine (e.g., dForce). The design of this pane is intentionally very similar to that of the Render Settings pane, except that it is targeted specifically at simulation instead of rendering. The Simulation Settings pane has been added to a couple of the default layouts (e.g., City Limits, City Limits Lite), but not necessarily all of them (yet?). If you are using one of these default layouts, you can simply reapply the layout and the new pane should appear docked in one of the existing pane groups.

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