This is a set of custom morphs for the Anatomy G8M Genitalia, divided by genitalia zones:

– 9 Cut
– 9 Uncut
– 9 Halfway
– 7 Testes

Included also one Remove option for each group.

All the morphs can be mixed and matched. The possibilities are endless!

All the morphs can be used on the basic Anatomy G8M Genitalia without the need of extra morphs, or used on morphed genitals.

This set of morphs can be used with any character you desire.
Please, keep in mind that any morphed character or pose has is own characteristics and so you can have issues with this set. This doesn’t depend on our morphs but on how the characters and poses are created.

Also mixing and matching is possible but be careful because you can obtain extreme or distorced results.

Have fun with the infinite combinations between these morphs and the ones provided by other sellers or the basic dialled morphs. Mix them how you please, use the slider to obtain the effect you desire.

This item works only in DAZ.


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