Explore creating your very own medieval country village with the Modular Medieval Village Set.

This kit comes with three houses empty or furnished with animable doors and windows, a watchtower, a woodshed, and a windmill for grinding grain, plus a background mountain set.

Also included are four tree props, two pine, oak, and birch, a background forest prop, a land prop, two road props one strait one curved, three fence props, three grass props, two woodpile props, three table props, a wood cart prop, wood bowl prop, two bread props, a fire cooking prop, a Dforce leather skin prop, one candle prop, two-barrel props, a bed prop, and a chest prop.

There are many different textures presets, including a Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn texture preset for many of the objects so you can create your village in any season you like.

Also included are three pre-made scenes you can start out with.

Have lots of fun building your very own medieval country village right away.


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