How to Create a New Custom Daz Studio Character

Have you ever wished to create a character from scratch for Daz Studio? Where do you start?!

This tutorial deals with the foundational work of how to generate a character. It provides a thorough grounding where SickleYield shows the step by step workflow of building the head, body and face morphs. This is a professional workflow from start to finish, dealing with concrete steps. You will start in Blender and take your character morphs all the way through saving a combined dial in Daz Studio, ready to share with others.

Session Content (2 hour step-by-step tutorial)

How to plan and approach your sculpt
Sculpting an eye morph in Blender
The OBJ export from Blender
Loading your morph on Genesis 8
Creating an MCM to fix eye closing
Creating an MCM to fix mouth closure
Creating a master dial for your face using ERC freezing
Saving your new morphs
Planning your body sculpt and matching it with your head
Loading the body sculpt and adjusting the bones
Creating JCM to assist bending on difficult body morphs
Creating a master dial for your combined head and body morphs using ERC freezing
Brief discussion of presentation settings in Daz Studio
Saving everything

Software Used in this Tutorial Blender, Daz Studio Pro


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