fpe hd fantasy skins aquatic for genesis 9

“FPE HD Fantasy Skins Aquatic” for Genesis 9 is the first pack of a skin-based series of products to give the characters already living in your runtime an alternate look. Aquatic refers to the inspiration behind the reptile-like skins.


HD Skins (02 HD Morphs, 24 Skin MATs & 24 Skin H.Mats)

While Genesis 9 has returned to a genderless base, rather than create a genderless skin, we decided to work with the feminine and masculine shapes, embracing the difference in their structure and curves to develop appropriate skins. As a result, the masculine and feminine skins have their own maps and HD morphs.

Shaping presets to apply the morphs at high, medium, and low strengths are supplied for skin that ranges from very bumpy to subtle. For those who prefer using displacement maps over HD Morphs, we included those as an alternative way to get the skin detail, with Material Presets to apply and remove them with a single click.

In addition, each skin can be applied in 12 different colors for even more variation. All the Masculine skins have a Hierarchical Material Preset to apply matching textures onto the Masculine Anatomical Elements, and the Feminine skins also have a version that supports the Feminine Anatomical Elements. These geografted Anatomical Elements are included in the Genesis 9 Starter Essential Expansion Products (sold separately).

While the chest area of the Skins was kept genderless, Feminine and Masculine Nipples are supplied via LIE Presets alongside an easy way to toggle the corresponding HD Nipple Morphs that ship with the Genesis 9 Essentials.

Eyes, Eyelashes & Mouth

An eye morph to give your characters a more reptilian look is supplied, along with three shaping presets and eight H.Mat colors. Unique mouth textures and 13 H.MAT color presets for the base Genesis 9 Eyelashes are also included to help finish the Aquatic look.

Geoshell Wearables

Three Makeup Geoshell Wearables (Eyeliner Only, Lipstick Only, and both) are provided for a non-destructive workflow to give your characters glamour. 14 eyeliner-color MATs and 12 lipstick-color MATs are supplied to get you started, but the makeup can be easily customized via the surface panel.

In addition, two Striped Geoshells, each matching masculine and feminine skins, are available to easily customize the stripes’ color. There are 16 MAT colors and three opacities to choose from!

Use the elements in this pack partially or fully to transform your characters into an entirely different species. Populate your world by using the skin in all shades so that no two characters look alike. Mix and Match with the goodies already in your runtime for endless possibilities. Maybe you want to create a race that lives underwater? Or perhaps you want to show the result of human experimentation or natural evolution? Whatever scenario you envision, we hope this pack will help you tell your story!

ND Ocean Beauty Shapes for Genesis 9

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