exnem dforce mystic outfit for gensis 8 female

This Package contains the “Mystic Outfit” meshes for Daz Studio and Iray, for use with Genesis 8 Female. the Skirt comes rigged and also with added dForce physics modifier for a more realistic bending and draping over Genesis 8 figures.

Included are:

Mystic Anklets
Mystic Armlets
Mystic Panty
Mystic Skirt
Mystic Snakes Ankle
Mystic Snakes Arm
Mystic Snakes Belt
Mystic Snakes Neck
Mystic Top

Each part comes in 4 diferent materials so you can mix and match. Materials are for Iray renderer.

Special presets included to hide and unhide the Skirt back and front flaps.

Morphs included in the top to expose each breast. Morph included in skirt to change back flap width. Morph included in Belt snakes to adjust position for leg bending.

You can use the special bones in the Skirt in order to pose the back and front flaps or you can simulate with dForce, or you can do both, pose with the bones and then simulate for extra draping precision, in which case just make sure you simulate from that pose’s frame instead of initial position or zero position.

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