evilyna outfit g8f v8

This Outfit will bring out the Devil in all your renders!

This item has 7 pieces of decorative dreams and 16 MAT files.

Totally adapted to follow the sexy shapes of G8F or V8, it will also conform to any type of body you wish to use it on. You can use them all together or as separated pieces as you please.

Several color options are also included and even the amazing illuminating color (using emitters).

This item works only in DAZ and there are DUF files in it. Iray only.

This item includes:

– 4 Smart Props:

– Belly Ring
– Earrings
– Horns
– Tail

– 3 Conforming Clothes:

– Top
– Bracelets
– Loin

16 MAT Files:

– Fabric Latex Black
– Fabric Latex Pink
– Fabric Latex Red
– Fabric Leather
– Gem Black
– Gem Diamond
– Gem Emitter Pink
– Gem Emitter Red
– Gem Gold
– Gem Pink
– Gem Red
– Gem Silver
– Metal Gold
– Metal Silver
– Skull Gold
– Skull Silver

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