ef bone helmet for genesis 3 8 and 8.1 male and female

What epic warrior can pass up a proper bone helmet? Now’s the time to don headwear made from the skull of a real saber-toothed tiger.

EF Bone Helmet looks anatomically correct, realistic, and intimidating. It consists of several material zones (surfaces) including leather, metal, bone, and tooth. Each zone can be adjusted individually.

EF Bone Helmet is a universal headwear! It has presets for Genesis 3, 8, and 8.1 Male and Female characters. The presets for OrcBrute and OrcHD are also included.

If you are dealing with a custom character of unusual proportions, you can always adjust the helmet using provided morphs. The Translate tool, Scale tool, and Rotate tool can also be very helpful.

EF Bone Helmet can be worn with the ponytail or without it. Take your pick!

EF Bone Helmet for Genesis 3, 8, and 8.1 Male and Female is provided with different Iray material presets. It even has a special material to match the style of the famous Vinnuth Kriegor Battle Mega Armor!

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