dforce mktg zhonghua dress outfit for genesis 9 8.1 and 8 female

This is an external equipment based on the Chinese cheongsam, with aprons, props, etc. added.

The fabric is mainly made of silk, with plum blossom patterns.

“dForce MKTG ZhongHua Dress Outfit for Genesis 9, 8.1 and 8 Female”

Contains clothing components such as headwear, glasses, dresses, aprons, underwear, leglace, socks and shoes.

It also comes with a fan and nunchaku props, both of which have hand-held postures.

Shoes and glasses can be placed as props.

This product contains 8 material presets: black, blue, gold, light cyan, green, pink, purple, and red.

Each component of this garment can be simulated with cloth to adapt to different postures.

It is also equipped with multiple simulation presets to meet users’ applications in complex scenes.

Due to the presence of multiple garment components, this product must be solved through fabric calculations to achieve optimal results.

It is recommended that users use animation (Use Timeline play range) to simulate cloth calculation.

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