dforce – exhibition vi – genesis 8

dforce is recommended, dress will work fine in most poses without dforce however some poses require dforce for best results. For best results when using dforce I recommend applying your body shapes at frame 15 to allow the outfit time to settle around the morphs this is especially useful when using unsupported shapes. Ideally adjustment morphs should be applied at frame 1. When running your simulation you should use Animated not current frame. Ideally you should apply your pose at frame 30. Some poses may require adjustment.

Dress loads with dforce settings already applied. You can adapt them to your liking by changing them in the surfaces tab or using one of the included presets. When using a preset please apply the base preset first as many of the presets only alter a single part of the dress. Other body Morphs will work using autofollow technology. Smoothing can be increased to improve the look of autofollow on more extreme body shapes. Some adjustment may be necessary in extreme poses or with extreme body shapes. Adjustment morphs are included to help with these situations as well as with posing. Autofollow morph results vary.

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