Save the scene, the day, the year or the planet with the Age of Heroes Bundle!

This action-packed set comes with everything you and your characters need to save the day, including characters Vernon HD and Blaze HD (Genesis 8 Male & Female), a Fantasy Weapons set, plus two stellar Fantasy Outfits and one additional textures pack for your new favorite fantasy heroine.

The Age of Heroes Bundle is ready for your library, especially if you have Fantasy, Sci-Fi, historic or medieval scenes that need an awesome guy and gal with outfits to boot!

  • Vernon HD for Genesis 8 Male
  • Blaze HD for Genesis 8 Female
  • Fantasy Weapons
  • dforce-arvine-sword-outfit-for-genesis-8-females
  • dForce Shadow Guard Outfit for Genesis 8 Female(s)
  • dForce Shadow Guard Outfit Textures
  • Maverick Poses for Angharad 8 and Genesis 8 Female
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