VYK Lucinda

In a timeless world of fantasy where magic and adventure reign comes Lucinda. A giver of light and a harbinger of loving protection, Lucinda is an Elven supernatural gifted in spell casting and ancient divination practices who pays visit to all the worthy souls who summon her. Lucinda comes with 7 eye color options, 7 lip color options (each in glossy and matte versions) and 7 make-up options.

Each make-up option comes with and without a glowing sigil, and as an added bonus, Lucinda comes with two separate glowing body adornments: one is a set of magical symbols on both her forearms, and the other consists of a set of arm and leg bracers. Full of magic and wonder, Lucinda is sure to captivate your soul, inspire your creativity and become a favorite in your Library.


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