DarkHawk Helicopter

DarkHawk Helicopter

Sweeping through the sky, he anticipated the landing zone below and suddenly dropped his bird into a tight falling spiral hovering twenty feet off the deck. The team was already repelling out the cargo doors as the Gatling gunners lit up the surrounding landscape and infrastructure. Dena had her infrared scanner ready and activated as she hit the deck, picking off two tango’s to her left. She ran in a tight crouch picking off two more as they popped out from a corner and brought their arms to bear. “Not today boys. Mama’s got a nasty disposition and my therapist told me not to hold stuff in…so it sucks to be you!” BLAM! BLAM! BLAM!

The DarkHawk Helicopter is a highly detailed aircraft with a complete cockpit interior. Rigged with fully articulating rotors, cargo doors, pilot doors, side windows, landing gear and shocks, joysticks, elevator and Gatling guns.


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