SV Poser for Beginners Tutorial

SV Poser for Beginners Tutorial
Get asked a lot how to get started in Poser, where to begin, how to load V4, how to add clothing, hair, accessories, how to render, what my render settings are and MORE. Now all of those questions are answered right here.

In the “Poser for Beginners Tutorial” I cover everything from my own installation settings to my own runtime organization. I go over loading V4, injecting characters, applying MAT poses, adding hair, clothing, making adjustments, fitting, conforming, applying a pose, rendering, render settings, material room basics, lighting basics, and so much more.

Everything you need to get started in Poser and creating your very own renders and artworks is in these 95 pages.
Every step I take to set up my scene and render.
Every. Single. Step.
Full color with screen shots and explanations.
Here is what you get:
95 Page Full Color Tutorial Files in both DOC/PDF

I discuss content, installation of content, some popular figures and their morphs. Quick tips, tricks, and reference sections, search for the answers no more, its all in one place!
Think you know it all? Maybe you do, maybe you are just curious how I work?! Coming back from a break from Poser and need a refresher? This will get you on the right track!
This Tutorial was designed for Poser 9/Poser Pro 2012 but much of the basic principles remain the same dating back to versions 5+ (initial set up may be different in older versions)

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