DG Toon Style Eyes for Genesis 2 Female(s)

DG Toon Style Eyes for Genesis 2 Female(s)

Toon Style Eyes for Genesis 2 Female(s) is a complete eye kit to customize your toon character’s eyes. Included are over 50 iris colors, cornea patterns and eye reflections, plus a blank outlined iris and two grey gradient to allow you to pick any color you want in the diffuse channel. Mix and match all three to recreate your favorite toon type eyes.

Bonus toon skin is included with two face maps, one with eyebrows, and one with no eyebrows. There are also 10 hand drawn eyebrow styles and four eye outline styles to stack on the base face texture using the LIE. seven eyelash styles, seven lip colors, and seven utilities round out the set.

Toon Style Eyes and bonus toon skin are perfect to use with your favorite render style shaders and specialty cameras.

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