Clove and Wytch Accessories for Posey and Petunia

Wicked never looked so cute! Clove is an adorable new character for Littlefox’s Posey and Petunia for Genesis 8 Female, complete with Witch Hat, Broom and Accessories!

Clove comes with a cute face morph and a slightly less cute wytch hag face, fairy ears, hag teeth, 05 bonus skin color changer presets to create different spooky fun looks and 4 adorable and quirky expressions.

Clove Wytch Accessories includes a stylish witch hat with 4 cute changeable charms, witchy broom transportation, devious necklace base with cobweb pendant, matching cobweb earrings, 3 poses for use with the broom and bonus hat hair fixer to use the witch hat with all your favorite hairs!

Required Products: Posey and Petunia for Genesis 8 Female

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