Pose Blender

Pose Blender is a set of scripts for creating new poses by blending poses, or parts of poses, quickly and easily. Don’t just combine poses, blend them! Pose Blender has been designed to work with almost any character or figure… from Victoria 4 to Genesis 8, from Horse to Dragon, male or female. Anything with bones!

Pose Blender works by allowing you to blend poses and body parts. You don’t just copy an arm pose from one pose and a leg pose from another pose (though you can do that too). Rather, you can create a unique new arm pose by making a blend of the arm between one pose’s arm and another pose’s arm. You choose how much to blend from each pose. Now with Pose Blender, you can “kitbash” your poses just like you have been doing with your clothes products. Quickly and professionally expand your pose library by using Pose Blender!

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