Legacy UVs for Genesis 3: Victoria 6

Legacy UVs for Genesis 3 Victoria 6

Legacy UVs for Genesis 3: Victoria 6

You can now use your Victoria 6 textures on Genesis 3 Female.

The UV maps for Genesis 3 Figures use a UV mapping protocol called UDIM (U-Dimensional) and now divide the surfaces differently from preceding generations of Daz Figures. This means that some surfaces of Genesis 3 Figures cannot use all the corresponding textures of previous generations because a surface cannot utilize more than one UV map.

However, if these surfaces are given a second skin in the form of Geografts then the Geografts can use their own independent UV maps to access the textures. Usually Geografts are used to make geometric additions to an object, but in this case they serve only as surfaces to display seamlessly the otherwise unavailable textures.

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