It Takes Character

It Takes Character offers you fully custom sculpted head and body morphs for the Genesis 2 Female give you the ability to mix’n’match between the 12 unique heads and 12 different body shapes. Presets are provided to quickly add a head or body and, just as easily, remove them. Dials, which are situated in Parameters or Shaping under Actor>Full Body>Real World and Actor>Head>Real World, allow you to fine tune your characters. If you own the body morphs from DAZ, you can mix in even more detail such as tone, muscle or weight. When mixing faces from the morph dials, keep in mind that some eyes have been made larger or smaller and ERC has been frozen to make them work; you should have success with most mixing, but there can be some exceptions. All in all, the goal has been to give you diversity and the ability to broaden your cast of characters for your images and animations.

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    Can we have this renewed please? Thanks!

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