INFUSE: The Bundle

The flexibility of both Infuse Packages all in one easy to use, easy to load bundle. Have your 10 full head texture map up designs load easily into your Runtime, AND get the power of your own special PSD to unleash your creative spark, exactly how YOU like it!
Infuse color into the Oxygen Texture with 10 full head make up styles. The Make Up head maps are NOT created using colored airbrushes that take detail out of your texture. They are created by using the underyling skin and building the color from the map.

Get original, get creative, do it easily, and expand your Oxygen texture/shader library in a few very easy steps. Infuse is an incredible make up package that was created by very carefully selecting parts of the underlying head texture, and enhancing and infusing them with color, so that the result is a very natural, detailed make up. Airbrushing takes texture detail away, Infuse brings it back in technicolor.

The 10 Oxygen Head Make up texture maps for ALL SHADERS with the multi-layered .PSD file for your own personal use in imprinting your very own style onto the Oxygen Texture set! Build your own Oxygen Make up Texture Library, and have all 10 original Oxygen Head Make Up Textures as material presets for EVERY shader in the Oxygen package.

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