Hexxus -The Sword of Chaos

Hexxus -The Sword of Chaos
The legend of Hexxus tells the story of a sorceress, who stole the secrets of magic from the Gods, and hid the magic in a sword. The result was that the sword had the power to project multiple elements:

From the Elves came earth, from the Greeks came wind, from the Aztecs came fire, and from Atlantis came water. But she did not stop there. She stole lightning from the Norse, and ice from the Hindu. Finally, she was able to steal one more. The final power, was the power of chaos from the Egyptians… and this is where the sword changed from good, to evil.

With these powers combined, the mortal who holds Hexxus would be virtually unstoppable. But Hexxus is too powerful… and in the wrong hands, it will bring ultimate chaos. Do you have what it takes to wield this blade?

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    Could you re-upload this, please?

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