Extreme Blades

Extreme Blades

Extreme Blades
Blade Wanderer: Hormech, wielder of the Grande Arme, must survive a trek across minotaur filled badlands.

Sword of the Lion: A young squire takes up his Knight’s sword, and his quest – to find the artifact that can save the dying king!

Timefleet: Warrant Officer Garrick must use his Alarian Sabers to defend himself against the fearsome Time Pirate, Skullblade!

Super Ninja Hate Team Gamma:Inspired by Anime, this animated series follows a team of robot hunters who discover the Ninja Conspiracy against science!

Game of Rowans: Politics and romance explode in the Elven lands of Tir Na Nog!

Actually, these blades are just the right level of extreme for your truly out there Sci-Fi and Fantasy renders!

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