Creative Emissive Lighting for Iray

Creative Emissive Lighting for Iray

others I hope will inspire you to think out of the box about using them.

Included in this set are:
70 multi colored presets that are texture driven. They span from a simple star field to almost organic patterns.
10 presets based on the color temperature of everything from candle light, to sunshine.
1 preset that will convert a surface to the uber Iray shader with emission turned on, but will not remove any of the maps that are already attached to the surface. This makes it easier to “turn on” surfaces.
5 luminosity adjustments for quick changes to the light level.
20 Simple solid colors to do quick changes on surfaces for effects like neon and simple LED lights.
120 tone on tone presets consisting of 6 different patterns each in the 20 solid colors.
9 tiling settings for quick tiling adjustments.

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