Bumtastic G3F

Bumtastic G3F

Bumtastic G3F
Bubble, Whopping, Flat, Pear, round and firm… How do you like it?
Bumtastic will help you create the backside of your dream with just a click!
This is a set of 10 custom bum morphs and several extra morphs that can be mixed and matched and used with Genesis 3 Female or Victoria 7.

The extra morphs are:
– Bum Cellulitis
– Bum Clenched
– Bum Unclenched
– Bum Under
– Bum Whopping
– Bum Dimples
– Bum Tailbone
– Bum Old

All the morphs can be used on the basic G3F without the need of extra morphs, or used on morphed G3F and Victoria 7.
Pin-up lovers or those who like realism in their figures can transform the basic bum of G3F into a realistically shaped beauty with just one click.

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