Teen Josie 7 is a proud addition to the Genesis 3 Female characters family. She is an original teen character that is pretty, fun and full of life. She possesses the energetic attitude of many teens her age and loves her friend-filled days, studying for her classes and dancing. She encompasses the look and feel of a modern teen which makes her ideal for contemporary renders. Additionally, due to her flexible and fresh looks she makes for a great character addition to any medieval, fantasy, punk, and sci-fi scenes. Josie is charismatic and sometimes has a rebellious streak which gives her a wide range of versatile looks and is what makes her such an exciting character addition with all of the power packed advantages of Genesis 3 technology.

Josie 7 can be blended with any Genesis 3 Female morphs, providing endless possibilities of different character creations. As she is based on the Genesis 3 Female base, she can share most clothing or hair of other Genesis 3 Female figures to give you the versatility you have come to expect from Genesis.

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