Thrill Bikini for G2F

Thrill Bikini for G2F

For Poser 9+ with Poser companion files, and Daz studio!
Two piece clothing made for Genesis2 Female shapes:

Victoria 6, Aiko 6, Girl 6, Stephanie 6, Olympia, Lilith, Mei Lin, Gia, Keiko, Monique, Giselle, Callie.

Funbag Shapes: Mei Lin 7

Funbag Shapes is a set of 11 presets to turn Mei Lin’s breasts into a wide spectrum of possibilities, to add more unique options to your Mei Lin characters. It includes 11 shape presets which set the shape to a fixed shape among her breast utilizing the G3F body morphs, and Mei Lin shape. It also includes 11 presets which will add the shape to pre-existing breast shapes to give an endless variety to your characters.

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