Ethan for Ivan 7 – Full Character

Ethan for Ivan 7 – Full Character

Ethan is a nice and detailed full character set for Ivan 7.

Ethan can be the strong man, a bouncer, a soldier, medieval warrior and much more.
His uses are only limited by your imagination.

His head, shape and skin has been carefully crafted, with priority on detail and realism. Since he is based on Genesis 3 Male, all Genesis 3 Male compatible materials, hair and clothing will fit him.

Add this nice and manly character to your Runtime.

Drako for Ivan 7

Drako for Ivan 7

Drako is a ruggedly handsome Swedish inspired new character for Ivan 7.

Drako includes Custom Sculpted HD Head and Body Morphs to give Ivan 7 a unique new look.

The skin was crafted from high-res photos and the textures are based on Genesis 3 Male Base UV maps.

Short Cropped Hair for Genesis 3 Male and Females

Short Cropped Hair is a highly versatile morphing hairstyle for your Genesis 3 female and male characters.
It comes with eight click-and-load wearable styles, or if you prefer, the hair fibers have morph dials, allowing you to tweak the style to your liking.
Short Cropped Hair comes in ten colours with materials optimised for both Iray and 3Delight.
This hair combines fiberhair technology together with a custom hair cap for optimal rendering and realism.
Cap fits are incorporated for a large range of Genesis 3 characters (see below). Other shapes are supported by autofollow and the adjustment morphs included for the hair cap.
You should be aware that all fiberhairs are by their nature high on memory usage and may slow down lower end systems, but once loaded the hair typically renders faster than trans-mapped hair.

Tested in Daz Studio Only.

Included fits: Darius 7, Michael 7, Gianni 7, Lee 7, Leo 7, Kimo 7, Kenji 7, Tween Ryan 7, Ivan 7, Guy 7, Lucian 7, Elijah 7, George, Dragonsbane Barbarian, Raw Massive, Boogeyman, Nosferatu, Gwenbleiz, Toon Generations 2, Little Ones by 3DU, Monique 7, Victoria 7, Aiko 7, Arabella 7, Bethany 7, Eva 7, Gia 7, Kalea 7, Isabella 7, Karen 7, Lilith 7, Teen Josie 7, Mei Lin 7, Olympia 7, Rune 7, Sunny 7, Monique 7, Genevieve 7, Anneka Demon, Hag HD, Nata 3 and Star 2.0.

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