1stBastions Highland Lakeside Cabin and Dock

1stBastion Highland Lakeside Cabin and Dock is a large 3D environment props set for Daz Studio and emulates the mid northern rugged terrain found on all continents and in nature, with optimized material and light settings for both the 3Delight and Iray render engines.

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Zamira for Genesis 3 Female

Zamira is a High-Quality, beautiful character for Genesis 3 Female for use in Daz Studio. She has highly detailed skin and renders beautifully using both the Iray and 3Delight render engines.

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Bane for Lee 7 and Genesis 3 Male

Meet Bane, a high quality Asian male character for Lee 7 and Genesis 3 Male. He comes with lots of extras, including fiberhair eyebrows and facial hair, a scarred face, a skeletal face and body paint and eye colours.
His head is custom sculpted and does not require the Lee 7 base.
His body uses a combination of a custom morph and Lee 7’s body. Bane will still work if you don’t own Lee 7. His body will simply be less muscular.
His skin was created using high quality photo references and custom-sculpted normal maps.
Materials optimised for both Iray and 3Delight are provided, as are genital materials.

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Short Cropped Hair for Genesis 3 Male and Females

Short Cropped Hair is a highly versatile morphing hairstyle for your Genesis 3 female and male characters.
It comes with eight click-and-load wearable styles, or if you prefer, the hair fibers have morph dials, allowing you to tweak the style to your liking.
Short Cropped Hair comes in ten colours with materials optimised for both Iray and 3Delight.
This hair combines fiberhair technology together with a custom hair cap for optimal rendering and realism.
Cap fits are incorporated for a large range of Genesis 3 characters (see below). Other shapes are supported by autofollow and the adjustment morphs included for the hair cap.
You should be aware that all fiberhairs are by their nature high on memory usage and may slow down lower end systems, but once loaded the hair typically renders faster than trans-mapped hair.

Tested in Daz Studio Only.

Included fits: Darius 7, Michael 7, Gianni 7, Lee 7, Leo 7, Kimo 7, Kenji 7, Tween Ryan 7, Ivan 7, Guy 7, Lucian 7, Elijah 7, George, Dragonsbane Barbarian, Raw Massive, Boogeyman, Nosferatu, Gwenbleiz, Toon Generations 2, Little Ones by 3DU, Monique 7, Victoria 7, Aiko 7, Arabella 7, Bethany 7, Eva 7, Gia 7, Kalea 7, Isabella 7, Karen 7, Lilith 7, Teen Josie 7, Mei Lin 7, Olympia 7, Rune 7, Sunny 7, Monique 7, Genevieve 7, Anneka Demon, Hag HD, Nata 3 and Star 2.0.

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Elegant Kitchen

This product is an Elegant Kitchen Area.

All Props Optimized for Iray
Elegant Kitchen Accessories
Elegant Kitchen Area
Elegant Kitchen Center Table
Elegant Kitchen Dining Chair
Elegant Kitchen Dining Plant
Elegant Kitchen Dining Table
Elegant Kitchen Dual Chandelier
Elegant Kitchen Hot Kettle
Elegant Kitchen Left Hand Chair
Elegant Kitchen Right Hand Chair
Elegant Kitchen Stool with Back
Elegant Kitchen Stool
Elegant Kitchen Water Jar

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Summer Light for Iray

Summer Light for Iray
In this light package I created 6 HDRI for your Iray renders and 8 amazing light for your scenes so you will have many combinations

Summer Light for Iray: (.DUF)
6 HDRI Maps
8 Iray Lights

Compatible Figures: N/A
Compatible Software: DAZ Studio 4.9

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Nylyssa for G3/G8

Nylyssa is a young female character for G3F and G8F. She comes with 2 head morphs, 2 version of Iray materials and many addons. The new Iray shader is for DS and above, while the older shader can be used for those who didn’t update Studio yet.

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Llamaghini Amenazador Version 2

Presenting the Llamaghini Amenazador Version 2.

The Amenazador version 2 is a highly detailed model both inside and out and comes in two versions, one for Iray and one for 3Delight.

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BLACKHAT – NyX – Khaos Katsuit

“BLACKHAT”is a companion texture set for NyX – Khaos Katsuit by Rhiannon.

This set contains twelve ,high quality textures for all then pieces of the outfit.
You will find nothing but the highest quality that you have come to expect from us in this new companion set for BLACKHAT – NyX – Khaos Katsuit.
Iray materials included!

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DT- Giovanka HD for Victoria 8

DT- Giovanka is a female character model for Victoria 8 with HD morphs already embedded in the character morphs. Comes with wide selection of material presets to satisfy your render needs.

DT- Giovanka is optimized to work only with the Iray render engine.

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