FWSA Frida HD for Karen 7

FWSA Frida HD for Karen 7
The head and body for Frida are uniquely custom sculpted in Zbrush, and the skin was created using high quality photo references for depth and detail. She also comes with custom sculpted square nails.

So whether you’re looking for a feisty lady, a young woman, or the girl next door … Frida will be perfect for all renders.
Please Note: While Frida was designed with DAZ Studio 4.8 in mind, and its amazing Iray render engine, she will also work and look great using the 3Delight render engine!

This product is available in Karen 7 Pro Bundle

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Dreadful Lingerie for Genesis 3 Female(s)

Dreadful Lingerie for Genesis 3 Female(s)

Dreadful Lingerie for Genesis 3 Female(s)
The Dreadful Lingerie is a high quality conforming sexy lingerie set for Genesis 3 Female(s) by Daz 3D perfect for all your Halloween renders.

All outfit parts come with pre-installed refined morphs for high quality cleavage and glutes crease.
While this package comes with a selection of morphs preinstalled, it automatically conforms to any morph dialed in Genesis 3 Female(s) through auto-follow in DAZ Studio 4.8 or higher.

Material files come for both 3Delight and Iray renderer.

We hope you like this set, thank you very much for viewing.

03 Geometry files (.duf)
01 Dreadful Lingerie Bra Figure for G3F with Morphs (.duf)
01 Dreadful Lingerie Pants Figure for G3F with Morphs (.duf)
01 Dreadful Lingerie Bra Bow Figure for G3F with Morphs (.duf)
19 Material Presets for Iray (.duf)
19 Material Presets for 3Delight (.duf)

09 complete high resolution texture/bumpmaps (4000×4000) (.jpg)

All included morphs have been carefully crafted and refined to give you realistic fits, especially in the breast area.
Morphs that are not listed here automatically follow through Auto-Follow in DAZ Studio 4.6.

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3D Celebrity Collection for DAZ Studio & Poser

Celebrities Collection

3D Celebrity Collection for DAZ Studio & Poser

Adriana Lima (MRL Sirena)

Amanda Seyfried (MRL Karis)

Angelina Jolie (Angel for V4)

Angelina Jolie (RMTH Lara)

Ashley Greene (P3D Janice Dullen)

Beyonce Knowles (MRL Rhapsody)

Cate Blanchett (MRL Eirwen)

Emily Browning (MRL Millie)

Emma Watson (MRL Gabi)

Eva Mendes (VHP Mona)

Evangeline Lilly (MRL Ariana)

Hayden Panettiere (P3D Clarice)

Jennifer Garner (SAV Athena)

Jessica Alba (P3D Jenifer)

Jessica Biel (MRL Riley)

Johnny Depp (SAV Yannis)

Kate Beckinsale (MRL Elise)

Kristen Stewart (MRL Jules)

Kristin Kreuk (VHP Kirsten)

Lena Headley (SAV Electra)

Lucy Liu (VHP Limei)

Matthew McConaughey (SAV Mitchell)

Megan Fox (Edson Mikaela)

Miley Cyrus (SAV Alpha Girl)

Milla Jovovich (MRL Eris)

Qi Shu (Summer Edition Liu)

Rihanna (P3D Tess)

Scarlett Johansson (MRL Elena)

Selena Gomez (P3D Sarina)

Tyra Banks (P3D Myra)

Amy for V4, V5 & V6

Amy for V4, V5 & V6
– Highly detailed photorealistic textures for V4, V5 & V6 (including high definition texture maps, subsurface scattering maps, advanced bump maps, advanced specular maps and translucency maps)
– Fully compatible with Anatomically Correct Evolution: Trinity 3
– 3 Make up options plus natural option
– MAT poses for Poser and material presets for DAZ Studio
– Advanced SSS MAT poses for Poser 9+ for V4, V5 & V6
– Advanced Uber Surface Shader presets for DAZ Studio for V4, V5 & V6
– Advanced AoA Subsurface Shader presets for DAZ Studio for V4, V5 & V6
– *NEW* Advanced photorealistic Iray Shader presets for DAZ Studio for V4, V5 & V6
– Unique hand sculpted custom head morphs for V4, V5 & V6
– Dialed in body morph settings for V4, V5 & V6
– Character Presets for Poser and DAZ Studio for V4, V5 & V6

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Jolina Hair

Jolina Hair

Jolina Hair
Jolina Hair is a high quality brand new glamorous hairstyle for your female heads. This high quality hair package comes with a detailed 3D mesh made of lots of small hair strands that give this hair real-world volume and the possibility for cool dynamic looks. In combination with high quality advanced shader settings for DAZ Studio Iray, this hair will add a big portion of realism to your renders. The quality Iray shaders, based on the popular OOT IrayPair Hair shaders, completely react to your scene’s lighting for natural exposure in dark, medium or bright lighting scenarios.

Additionally this sets comes with a second set of brand new Iray shaders with enhanced SSS settings.
Beneath the Iray shaders, you will also get a set of advanced UberSurface materials for DAZ Studio 3Delight and a set of advanced materials for Poser 7 or higher.

All hair options come with both native DAZ Studio and Poser files, making use of the hair in your preferred software easy. It comes with fits for Victoria 4, Genesis 2 Female, Genesis 3 Female, Victoria 7, Arabella 7, Bethany 7, Mei Lin 7 and The Girl 7.

135 included morphs give you lots of possibilities for adjusting, styling, movement and fitting.

Strange Substances Pack 1

Strange Substances Pack 1

Strange Substances Pack 1
This is a huge set of 100 different ambient SSS based materials for DAZ Studio! There are 20 base materials with their own 2048×2048 textures in HDR format, each with 4 extra variations using SSS settings to alter their style and color! HDR format is used for its high bit depth to provide greater color information for the scattering effects to use. Have fun with the wide variety of different material types to create bioluminescence and other fantasy and sci-fi surfaces.

Please note that these materials do not emit their own lighting. All promos with these materials casting light was done so with indirect lighting.

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Mansion Backyard

Mansion Backyard

Mansion Backyard
Throw the ultimate pool party in the Mansion Backyard!
Specifically built and shaded for DAZ Studio’s new Iray rendering engine. 3Delight shaders may need a little tweaking for things like glass and metal.
Features an exterior Mansion building, Grounds with Pool and side fencing, plenty of greenery and lavish style.

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The AP Box

The AP Box
A box full of surprises for your kinky scenes!

You need:
Genesis 3
DAZ Studio 4.8+
Does not work in Poser

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