Victoria 6 Pro Bundle

Victoria 6 Pro Bundle
Victoria has continued to be one of the most prolific and widely used 3d models in the world with over 3 million downloads to date.

Not only is she a beauty in her own right, but by being built on the Genesis 2 female base, Victoria allows for an almost limitless array of morphing into various shapes, ages, and body styles. When building your scenes with her, Victoria 6 will work great with any of your Genesis 2 female content, as well as many of your go-to favorites from the other Victoria’s by making use of the “auto fit” tool.

Some key advancements with the Genesis 2-based Victoria 6 include:

Male and Female bases
Increased details
Facial expressions
Software support
This Bundle Includes:
Victoria 6
Victoria 6 Starter Bundle
String Bikini for Victoria 6
Darkwoods Heroine
Club 58 Dress
Sweet Emotion V6
Casual Sexy Poses for Genesis 2 Female(s)
Udane Hair
Fashion Hair
Vianne for Victoria 6

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