Victoria 6 & Michael 6 HD Add-On Bundle

The Victoria 6 and Michael 6 HD Add-on Bundle is finally here! This product contains high definition head and body morphs for Michael 6 and Victoria 6, as well as a brand new, never before released texture set for them both. Harness the power of HD and add unprecedented detail to your renders. Blur the lines between CG and reality with these intricate morphs sculpted at 64x the resolution of the base Michael 6 and Victoria 6 characters.

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  1. aceb2 5 years ago

    Great contribution. Thank you very much.

  2. tball 5 years ago

    Awesome!! Thanks!!!

  3. caric2013 5 years ago

    Amazing! Thanks

  4. yannich 5 years ago

    WOW ! Thank you so much !

  5. woody2 5 years ago

    want to thank all for the uploads first mush appreciated. was wondering if it would be passable to get the base figure Michael 6 uploaded for us.

    thank you


  6. i8stoll 5 years ago

    A welomed addition, Thank you very much

  7. i8stoll 5 years ago

    A welcomed addition, Thank you very much

  8. cujo 5 years ago


  9. JOHN 4 years ago

    thank you nice stuff

  10. swexer 4 years ago

    Thank You, very, very much!

  11. busyhanz 4 years ago

    Christmas in July! Thanx!

  12. gmaa 2 years ago

    please re-upload this thank’s

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