Michael 5 Pro Bundle

Michael 5 Pro Bundle

The male 3D model Michael 5 Pro Bundle is more than a 3D figure – it’s a breakthrough achievement for the Genesis 3D Model Platform. This is the most versatile, realistic, and anatomically accurate male human figure ever made available for public use. The figure is derived from real 3D body scans and high-resolution photographs of real human men. Michael 5 is also built on the same Genesis platform as the Female 3D Model Victoria 5, which allows the creation of an almost infinite number of characters.

The Michael 5 Pro Bundle includes Michael 5, all of the items in the Michael 5 Starter bundle and even more hair styles, clothing, characters and poses.

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36 thoughts on “Michael 5 Pro Bundle

  1. when you up load some thing DON’T name it( Michael_5_Pro_Bundle) give it a name like MPB. then your not going to get your file delete. but thanks for trying

  2. Repeating LESR1’s message from Aug 28 (above): When you extract this after download, the M5 exe is broken inside the M5 starter Bundle so the M5 Character will not install. This is true with all 5 zippyshare links and the first 2shared.com link (I didn’t try the other 2shared.com links because at that point I gave up trying).

  3. Sorry m8, but I’m still not getting the main Michael5 file in complete form (or a few others as well); every time I try to extract, I get the following message: “Could not extract the file “MichBundle/Michael 5 Starter bundle.zip” from the archive “MichBundle.part3 (or part1, 2, 4, 5…).rar”: the archive file is incomplete. This is true for a few of the archive files in this bundle (including “M5 Photographic Poses”, “Preppy”), but it’s the main Michael 5 file (“13976_Michael5_1.0_trx.exe”) that is the biggest concern here. Just FYI, I’m using Wine to extract the EXE files here on the Mac, and it does work with other files I’ve tried in the past. Hope this helps – sorry to be the bringer of bad news…

  4. Hmm. Maybe it’s something going on on this end, then. Anyone else having troubles with these? If I’m the only one, then I do apologise for the bother! πŸ™‚

  5. Finally got the files needed, despite still getting error messages and the Daz installer freezing up 90% of the way through the install. Truly bizarre, to say the least.

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