Cory 6 Bundle

Cory 6 Bundle Includes: Cory 6, FWSA Kirk for Cory 6, Jake Hair for Genesis 2 Male(s), Island Boy Poses for Cory 6, Vintage Aviator for Genesis 2 Male(s).

Cory is a fun loving boy who is a sports enthusiast and enjoys hanging out with his friends. Cory sports a slender yet muscular physique when he isn’t out with friends, you can find him at the beach surfing, playing in the water and practicing catching waves. Cory is a versatile character with a sassy and charismatic persona that will be an irreplaceable addition to your cast of characters. Since he is built on the Genesis platform, you can dial in morphs from any of your Genesis 2 Male Characters to make him even more unique.

Cory 6 Bundle


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