Don’t miss out on this astounding cloak!  The SsC dForce Raiding Cloak for Genesis 3 and 8 comes with cloak, two collar variants and decorative pins and trim decos for Genesis 3 Female, Genesis 8 Female, Genesis 3 Male and Genesis 8 Male (4 sets in total).

Modeled after historical cloaks worn by raiders, this cloak comes with the sets of historical, fantasy, superhero and futuristic textures all of them in both pre-made color and “color change” variety — a preset that will take color and shine changes to suit any situation or hero you may need in two clicks.

Get the SsC dForce Raiding Cloak for Genesis 3 and 8 for all of your historical, fantasy, space invasion, villain, witch and cyberpunk scenes!

The cloak contains all the necessary morphs to be fitted over most outfits and armors, and requires dForce for full effect, but has a limited use without it.  Set includes 50 premade morphs to simulate wind that can be used in combination with default pose and it’s alterations for quick effects and heroic posing on cleaves/churches/skyscrapers when needed.

Usage tips and a detailed tutorial (in pictures) for dForce simulation are included.


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