Preta3D Reality 4.2

Preta3D Reality 4.2 for Daz Studio Win x86, x64 & MacOSX
The best realism possible for DAZ Studio and Poser with the easiest, most enjoyable workflow. Nothing else comes close.
Reality is a rendering solution that extends DAZ Studio and Poser providing the most advanced Physics-Based Rendering system in the market.
Reality has built-in physics-based materials. At any time you know what kind of material your editing.

Up to 20x faster rendering
Since 2010 Reality has been the benchmark of realism for DAZ Studio and Poser. With version 4.1 it’s also extremely fast. CPU rendering is up to 20 times faster and the new GPU-based rendering is blazingly fast.

CPU+GPU+Network rendering
If your computer has a modern OpenCL-compatible GPU you can render using that device as well. With OpenCL you can use GPUs from any vendor, including AMD and nVidia. And you can use all the cores of your CPU plus the any number of GPU devices at the same time.
Reality detects your system hardware automatically and it will tell you if OpenCL is available for rendering

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  1. tron2 2 years ago

    cant get this to work…how to install?

  2. thrunk 1 year ago

    Any chance we can get part 2 of this fixed? Thank you!

  3. elcw 1 year ago

    DANGER. The rar file for Preta3D Reality 4.2 for Daz Studio Win x86, x64 & MacOSX contains a harmful file embedded in the cr-reality4.exe crack file. Do not Download or install this rar file. DANGER

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