Poser Pro 2012 SR2 Update

Poser Pro 2012 Service Release SR2 – REQUIRED
Updates the shipping English version of Poser Pro 2012. Installing Service Release 2.0 (SR2) is highly recommended and will improve Poser Pro 2012 in many areas. For a full list of updates please refer to the SR2 Readme. Package includes: Service Release SR2 updater for Poser Pro 2012 and the Poser Pro 2012 Queue Manager.

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9 thoughts on “Poser Pro 2012 SR2 Update

  1. Thanks a lot for this…!!

    I installed it and then realized it broke my install. Anyone happen to have a kg or a working s# they can dropbox or upload to ge.tt (free)? I didn’t use one for initial install, and cannot seem to find one now—or if I do find one, the dl has 3GB of content I really don’t want. If you don’t want to post the link, you can email it to my profile email (which I think is accessible).

    As a token of appreciation, if anyone wants anything from the uploads here that were deleted by hotfile or multiupload, let me know, I may have it (have about 40-50% of them).

  2. Also, if anyone is curious, this is just a pasttime for me… I do not produce any renders or models commercially… Just use Poser and Cinema 4D and work on creative ideas for fun.

  3. Does any one have a valid keygen for the SR2 update? The older Poser 2012 crack doesn’t work in this update anymore and I need a valid keygen that can work in this and future (SR3) updates, thanks.

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