Corel PaintShop Pro X8 SP1 Retail + Ultimate Pack

Corel PaintShop Pro X8 SP1 Retail + Ultimate Pack

Corel PaintShop Pro X8 SP1 Retail + Ultimate Pack
Welcome guide with Learn and Get More pages: The guide is designed to help you find learning materials and discover complementary plug-ins, applications, and content.
Dynamic content trays: New Web-enabled content trays deliver free and paid content, tools, plugins, and applications at relevant points in the application. For example, new brushes can be browsed within the existing brush tip drop-list, without leaving the application. Simply hover your pointer over the item you’re interested in to learn more.

Brush performance improvement for several retouching tools.

Issues addressed:
– Burn Brush: Fixed edge result (previously showed darker result along brush edges)
– Color Replacer: No color bleed when using the Round brush to fill shapes
– Text wrapping: Left and Center alignment results fixed. Stability improved when saving layered text wrapping files to a .pspimage format compatible with legacy versions of PaintShop Pro.
– Nikon D810: Fixed raw image color issue
– Resize dialog box: Now retains settings last used for Based on One Side
– Magic Move in scripts: Fixed reported issues related to accurate rendering of script commands
– Material Properties palette: Improved stability when adding custom swatches
– Organizer palette: Restored drag-and-drop functionality between the palette and the workspace
– Script selection: Fixed script selection issue in the Batch Process dialog box
– Adjust workspace: Restored ability to set Save As option once per session (dialog box does not open for each photo edited)

Included content and plugins:
Collection KPT – (pspx8-corel-kpt.exe)
Classic collection of 24 plug-ins that can help you create a stunning and unique effects.
After installing the plug-ins can be found in the “Effects” Corel PaintShop Pro X8 under Plugins> Collection KPT. (only in 32-bit version)

To help the designer – (pspx8-corel_creativecontent.exe)
The kit includes a brush, displacement maps, gradients, line styles, masks, frames, patterns, shapes and textures.
Installed in a folder with the existing content.

Clear by Athentech Perfectly Imaging – (Athentech_PerfectlyClear.exe)
Powerful plug-in that allows you to just a couple of mouse clicks to adjust photos to the perfect type of automatic and correct them manually.

Collection Creative – (Corel_CreativeCollection.exe)
Dozens of brushes, textures, and more than 100 backgrounds.

Install Instructions:
During installation, enter the serial number from the keygen.
In keygens choose Corel PaintShop Pro X8
Run the program, the registration window remove a tick, enter any e-mail address and click “Sign (R)”
Install update Update.exe
Install additional content, if required.

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