Strip Club VIP Lounge And Iray Lights

A sensual neon-lit Strip-Club VIP Lounge Scene Preset for Daz Studio 4.8+ (IRAY ONLY) Includes a beautiful 1-click Environment Preset with 2 alluring Iray light Presets. Bring sensual & exciting environment & lighting to your renders with just one click!

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  1. garadir 12 months ago

    Please could this be re-uploaded the links no longer work.

  2. vatti72 12 months ago

    Please re-upload this file. Temporary error

    • Author 12 months ago

      It works for me, I checked it…

      • garadir 12 months ago

        the link itself works but the content doesn’t download, it fails on the side, it just keeps saying re-trying.

        • Author
 12 months ago

          it works for me now, downloaded it.

  3. grclayer 7 months ago

    mega side shows temp error. can it be fixed plesae?

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