Richabri Good Vibrations Set


Richabri Good Vibrations Set
Good Vibrations is a set of fifteen props that will give you several vibrator devices guaranteed to rock your V4 character’s world! The main feature of the set is the ‘Sibian’ model which has a separate rest, control boxes and multiple attachments. The prop set also comes with three other vibrator type props that can be used in conjunction with your Sibian scenes or on their own in other renders. A drop cloth model is also provided with this set that can be used as your groundplane.

The main ‘Sibian’ models are implemented as multi-props with all of the parts smart-propped to the base. The design is completely modular though and you can use, delete or reposition any of the parts as desired.

The Good Vibrations set also comes with four V4 poses and two hand poses to make it easier to get your V4 characters arranged with the props.

The Good Vibrations props can be used with any Poser character but the poses and hand presets are made to work with Daz’s V4 character.

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