LilFlame’s Naughty Toyz

LilFlame's Naughty Toyz

LilFlame’s Naughty Toyz

The perfect 10 realistic toys!

This beautiful sex toys,
a new realistic styled vibrators and dildos.
Eelegant shaped toys will give your girls
the most joyful experience.

A set of 10 sex toy props for your girls or boys!

Props included.

1 Glass Wrapped Dildo
2 Large Vibrator
3 Lipstick Shaped Vibrator
4 Perfect Dream Vibrator
5 Pink Bliss
6 Pink Sparkling Vibrator
7 Realistic Dildo
8 Realistic Jelly Vibrator
9 Romantic Vibrator
10 Silicon Ribbed Dildo

For Poser 6 and above.
Not tested in DAZ studio.
The props will work in DAZ studio, but you will have to adjust the materials.

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