Exnem Body Hair for V4

Exnem Body Hair for V4

Exnem Body Hair for V4
This system works just like clothing. Simply add to V4 and conform, add the necessary magnets if needed and change color and thickness as required.

Lower arm, upper arm, abdomen, neck, chest, back, hips & thighs, shins, armpits and pubic hair all are separate parts so you can load all or only the ones you want to render.

Some parts like lower arm hair come in different versions for shorter or sparser hair. Other parts have different options for thickness or thinness so you can adjust depending on how far away is your charcter.

Increase thickness for characters farther from camera, decrease thickness for closeups.

A special method I use to get precise control over where I want hair or not is to render 2 versions of the same image, one with hair and one without, then use Gimp or Photoshop to add the image with hair on top of the image without and use the eraser at 50% or so to blend or erase the appearance of hair where I want. Fast and easy and you get incredible results.

Special advice is to render regions to adjust hair thickness and color before rendering a whole image, this will save you a lot of time setting up the hair for your characters.

This product brings “body hair” to Victoria 4 and derivatives. It uses actual geometry for each hair instead of opacity planes, which makes the hair look more realistic.

This comes with “Cross Talk” technology to automatically adapt and conform with any characters based on Victoria 4 that use any of the following morphs bundles:

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