smooth POSE tut

smooth POSE tut
smooth POSE tut is a set of video tutorials that teaches you how to quickly and easily smooth any posed figure with Poser’s morph tool. To follow along with these videos you must have Poser version 8 or higher.

Add realism and style to you images – Never again finish a picture only to have that certain spot on the model
bother you! This covers smoothing and enhancement for the model and clothing, for smoother more realistic fits. By the time you are done with the videos, I’m sure you’ll be an expert!

Fix joint issues in minutes, easily!

What’s included:
Video 1- Introduction to Poser’s morphing tool – covers settings, dos and don’t s, tips and tricks
Video 2- Touch Ups and realism
Video 3- Upper body and clothing
Video 4- Now we combine all of our skills to smooth a character quickly and easily.
This video is meant to be an example of how easy the process can be.

Combined all 4 videos are 30 minutes of training
2 sample poses for V4 are included for practice

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