Murder She Posed

Murder She Posed

Did you hear that? Was that a creaky floorboard or thump from somewhere in the house? Aunt Grace? Is that you upstairs?

It’s hard to resist the call of a good “whodunit” story. Give in to your curiosity with this set of 3D murder mystery poses and illustrate your own tale of suspense. There’s everything you need in this set – the innocent person who just happens to stumble onto the crime scene, a few victims to “liven” the action, and someone hiding from the killer who just might still be in the house. There’s even a two person vignette of that fateful twist on the stairway. Was it an accident, or was the victim deliberately pushed?

Required Products: Hallway Chilling Out Cubby

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  1. sean123 3 years ago

    Cool …Thanks !!!

  2. annikaanus 10 months ago

    Can we please get a re-up? TY!

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