The Prize Fighter

The Prize Fighter! The name says it all: attractive, sexy, delicious, luscious, exquisite…add dangerous and sensual and you have the perfect description of this all new outfit for Pretty Base IV, Kaileena, V4, G4 and A4.

The Prize Fighter was designed to give you high quality mesh models along with multiple dynamic morphs allowing each individual part of the outfit to follow each sassy step V4 takes.

The outfit composed of cool slinky ragged top and sexy hotpants besides detailed boxing boots and gloves.

Models in this pack are modelled as high quality but low polygons as not to strain your pc allowing you to use high realism without loosing any performance.

Product Requirements: Poser 5 and upper. Daz’s Victoria 4 (All versions). Optional; Aiko4, The Girl 4, PBIV, Kaileena.


Product Requirements: Poser 5 or higher; Victoria 4 @ Daz3D
THE DIRNDL is a high quality german traditional dress for Victoria 4.
Dress up with something different and bring romance to your renders, this special piece of clothing is a must have for your Runtime.
THE DIRNDL package comes with a high quality detailed 3D mesh carefully UV mapped, lots of Morphs for body-fitting, adjusting and FX
and three complete highly-detailed texture styles.

Have a look at the Promo PopUps below for detailed information about the content and for a detailed Morphs list.

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CaveDweller Clothing for V4

CaveDweller Clothing for V4

Product Description:

Ooga preferred to dress comfortably, so she can move freely, when she is hunting for food. She fashioned her clothing with twigs and vines, along with leather and furs. She also added snakeskin patchworks on her arm covers to add accents to brown leather. Her boots were designed with intertwined dried vines with bead tassles from her gemstone collection. She is a practical woman and her choice of fashion and colors were picked according to her daily activities. Whether it’s for hunting or for relaxing, Ooga does have a good fashion sense.

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