Messy Dreads for Genesis 2 Male(s)

Messy Dreads for Genesis 2 Male(s)

Messy Dreadlock Style for your Genesis 2 Male(s).

For that perfect laid back style. Messy Dreads includes both a DAZ Studio version and Poser Companion Files for you to use in the software of your choice. With fantastic colors and flowing movement morphs, Messy Dreads will add life and character to your Genesis 2 Male renders! From the islands to an urban settings Messy Dreads for Genesis 2 Male(s) is an awesome style for your hair collection!

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SV’s Fairy Pedestals

SV's Fairy Pedestals

SV’s Fairy Pedestals
The Props:
– 04 Pedestals Props
– 04 Matching Ivy Props

The Materials:
– 14 Custom Gem Materials (for this set only)
– 12 Metal Materials (06 Real Reflections, 06 Shiny)
– 08 Custom Marble Materials (work on any surface!)
– 04 Ivy Options
– 12 Flower Options
– 04 Options to reset the Pedestal back to the stone, color picker helper image to change diffuse color of the stone w/in the material room
– 54 Materials Total, Metals & Marble work on all surfaces