Locomotion Pro Animation Bundle Vol.1

Locomotion Pro Animation Bundle Vol.1
These excellent quality aniBlocks will help make the most out of your game and movie characters and are also fully compatible with all Genesis based characters including the Iconic Generation Morphs for V4 and M4. These HD Anibllocks will also give you a wealth of material to work with when it comes to creating a ton of new poses, renders, and animations. All motions are keyframed at 60 fps and have a very high level of detail at each frame for some really good renders. These animations have also been tested to work on Genesis 2 figures.


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  1. aceb2 6 years ago

    Interesting. Thank you very much.

  2. arcfault 5 years ago

    Could this be uploaded again please? Thank you.

  3. barryh 5 years ago

    Please repost. Thank you.

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