Tiki Torches

Tiki Torches

Tiki Torches
Bring some festive lighting options to your renders with this set of Tiki Torches.

Part of popular culture for over 80 years the now ubiquitous Tiki Torch and the ‘Tiki Lifestyle’ or culture, started back in 1934 when a gentleman by the name of Don the Beachcomber opened up a Polynesian-themed bar and grill in Hollywood.

This restaurant created a movement and the overall cultural sensation that we have come to know and love to this very day.

This set includes 12 Tiki Torch designs ranging from the traditional to the modern. Each Torch is set up as an emissive (glowing) object to add a touch of realism to your renders.

To help achieve that realism there are also 8 different flame material options so that you can match how they look to fit the needs of your scene.

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