Rim Light Rig

Rim Light Rig

Rim Light Rig is a combination prop and multiple light set for figures and props. The dramatic effect is a halo outline and silhouette that separates prop/figure from background adding dimension to your scene. The spotlights are parented to a non-rendering torus for easy positioning and scaling to fit your main subject. All of the spotlights follow a light target for the ability draw attention where you want it.

To enhance the lighting effects of RLR this set includes 14 adjustment shaders (they do not include maps) to backlight a wide variety of translucent materials. These adjustments will allow fabric to glow and transmit light like stained glass and give hair a halo effect. More material adjustments are possible including grass, feathers, dragon wings, and leaves. RLR works great with the Look At My Hair default shaders.

The default position and scale of the rig is set for standing figures. For scaling the rig to other props, smaller/larger figures, and positions, it will be helpful to reference the relationship of this default position. For example: if your figure is sitting, reduce the Y scale of the rig around 50%. The default position for the light target is also for standing figures.

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