Light Dome PRO Iray – Superior Light With Layers

The New Superior Way Of Lighting Using DAZ Studio Iray.

Tired of HDRI maps that offer limited control and the awkward “time and date” Iray sun light that confuses with its position that rotates and changes height in “random” ways?

Spend minimum time inside DAZ Studio, with zero confusion and experience incredible control and LIVE adjustments inside Photoshop (or The Gimp), based on special DAZ Studio Iray layers with literally just a few mouse clicks!

No more guessing how and where to place the lights, no more tons of confusing options and weird adjustments.

No more lack of control.

With Light Dome PRO Iray, you are in 100% control of every pixel, light, and shadow and you’ll get 100% professional results by following a simple step by step procedure and simple icons.

Design renders that look unique and that have YOUR touch in them in a fraction of the time you normally spend inside DAZ Studio “trial and erroring” your way around.

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